Dancing through the revolution

It is always poignant to read an article or book written and published in an academically-distanced past. I’ve always described academic writing as a different type of photograph. In many ways, these blogs for me at the moment are a photographic album. They are captions of memory during this tough time for the world

During this tough time, it is amazing to see how old, old articles have been scanned – often pretty badly – by a student and uploaded to some website, somewhere. These scans may be illegal, but they are like graffiti memories to our past.

I’ve been loading up my articles to an institutional repository recently, and I had to find links to articles. Many of them had moved. Some have disappeared. But a joyous find greeted my Google search. A key article that commenced the next moment of my poersonal and professional life.

Dancing through the Revolution – https://search.informit.org/doi/pdf/10.3316/ielapa.200203514?casa_token=fWsrbu4sqAYAAAAA%3ARVw2O42bwzBN9wVhusmHFpZgHax9qY5S1fy3eqLSPNXnT7Y2pDqlFmXbhf9WOM3lHjZ4AHQqZFK_

This is a shocking URL that even WordPress refused. But it was a piece that reveals my experimentation with new forms of essays, and new ways to blur pop and academic life.

Dancing metaphors have peppered my academic writing for thirty years. The metaphor was most courageously expressed in 2002. It is lost in the wreckage of Google, but it was a nugget of memory. And a welcome one.

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